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Topic: Error HEADER.PHP and the rest of system modules

I ´ve installed the system in demo mode, but, when I've entered to index.php the site  returns this errors:

Undefined index: memberid in htdocs\phpfood\inc\header.php 

And in the rest of the system modules, a menssage similar like this is shown

Notice: Undefined index: sysarea in \phpfood\sysadmin\header.php on line 11

When i access to the admin page, in any option, a message like this is shown :

Notice: Undefined variable: count in C:\xampp\htdocs\phpfood\sysadmin\langs.php on line 49

It is worth mentioning that the different functions of the site appears to work well, but these mensjaes me from full functionality.
Also, in section order application (client) errors are similar to those shown.