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I am wondering to buy a license but have some questions before.

I would need to have option to search streets also as we have more restaurants in the same city.
Could this be setup?

Is it possible to order first than register in the last step?


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Please download and try our demo version.

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Re: search street / register after order

tried the demo, results are below, probably I am waiting for the 3.0 version or looking for other solutions

-delivery areas based on ZIP code only, no way to work with street lists

-when saved restaurand data in rests.php redirected to sysadmin/rests caused 404 error

-admin menu mistype "custemers"

-registered as customer and did not get any message on the screen or in email, email verification would be great

-delivery_addresses.php create a new address and click save, click ok on popup, than click save again and you will have duplicates

-annoying popups - some text on the page would be better

-no way to translate resadmin/sysadmin sad

-promotion is only a text msg?? won't be on the invoice automaticaly?

-resadmin/payment_types.php i have only cash and sodexho coupon option, selected both and saved than refresh and sodexho is not selected again, deleted sodexho and created a new mycoupon, same result

-would be nice to have an option to duplicate restaurant with menus and products also

-could find the way to registrate at the and of order procedure but it was not clear

-would be nice to show the speed/taste rates in the resadmin

-the email i received about the order, does not contain any info about the restaurant (like: you can call this number if you have problems)

- no way to change dollar sign to something else and put it after the digits, like 55 €

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Thank you very much for your interest, i will fix the bugs and release with new version.
you cna change the dollar sign from sysadmin general options.

Best Regards

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R = Right
L = Left