Topic: Multiple features

Because I am running the website for a pizza delivery store, I believe that online ordering is a must, I would like to see certain things, first of all, having all the optionals on the right hand side of the website within the shopping cart is hard to understand and hard to click the "Checkout" button.

1) Webpage dedicated for each item to show a rating, the description, price and optionals.

2) Create a set of options to make it possible to customize the program, such as... Make 1 optional included for a , and then making 2 more optionals a seperate price, and then the 4th topping voids the promotional price, and the 5th topping provokes a specialty price.

3) Seperate "Shopping Cart" button to bring up a shopping cart webpage where you can update quantity, and certain options. This would also prevent the shopping cart to become unbearably long and unusable.

4) Delivery fees seperated by area. We have delivery fees set to 2.00 for local deliveries, and $3.50 for the farthest deliveries.

5) The choice  to freeze the shopping cart on the right to allow scrolling to the bottom of the shopping cart.

Thank you so much for considering this.