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Topic: Optionals and Sides

There is an difference between an Optional and a Side to a Menu Item.

A Side comes with the Meal (like a salad or baked potato) and an Optional (we call them Modifiers) would be to modify the side, or menu item.

Example, if you order a Steak (optional Well Done) with a Side Salad or Baked Potato and the optional would be Ranch dressing on the Salad , or if Baked potato selected the optional would be butter and sour cream.

So you would have

1. Menu Items that can have sides with them, and Modifiers

2. Sides that can be modified as well (Can have upcharge)

3. Modifiers (can have upcharge)

Oh yeah,  One more thing limit how many Sides a Menu Item can have, i.e. 2 sides.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Optionals and Sides


Right now we don't have this option.
But we add this todo list but not nearly.

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Re: Optionals and Sides

Thanks, please keep us updated!