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Topic: Facebook sign in problems

When signing in with the Sign in with Facebook button the user will be asked to allow the app. After clicking okay nothing happens the user is not signed into the site and the page does not redirect to the next step in the process of checking out. Their name also does not appear in the customer list.

If the user is not already signed into Facebook after loggin to Facebook  the user gets the message- An error occurred. Please try again later

Re: Facebook sign in problems


This problem fixhed with 2.09.
Please download and try it.

Best Regards

Re: Facebook sign in problems

Hi i have the problem with the login with facebook option.

I use the 2.09 version.

But when i want login with the facebook option, appears in the screen a new window who redirect to facebook page, but appers a error.

Ocurrió un error con phpFood. Por favor intenta de nuevo más tarde.

My facebook page is in spanish.

I dont know if my config is wrong or the phpfood facebook page have a error.

Please i need solved this problem, because is the only error who appears in all the system.

Thanks for the help.

Re: Facebook sign in problems


Yes problem solved with new version.
Please download and update only login.php file.