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I have a problem with the searching of a restaurant because when I live next to the city (for example Vienna) approximately 5 km from Vienna in a village (the village Test) and I set the restaurant (for example the restaurant called Hviezda). This restaurant Hviezda is in Vienna. In the settings of restaurant Vienna, there´s also the setting of food delivery to the village Test. When I choose the the place of delivery the village Test, it doesn´t find any restaurant. But when I choose as a place of delivery the city Vienna, it finds and displays the restaurant Vienna and then I can order the food to the village Test.
Is it possible to change the searching of restaurants so that it would find the restaurant Test immediately when I choose the place, the village Test. Because this restaurant would deliver the food to the village Test, too.
Thank you for your help.

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I am having the same problem. Is there any way to fix this?

You would think that if the restaurant says it can deliver to those zip codes/cities then that restaurant would come up in a search for those zip-codes/cities, but it doesn't. The restaurant will only show when you search for that ONE zip-code and ONE city that it has listed under the Restaurant Details page. This is a huge flaw and I really can't believe it hasn't been addressed until now.

Also on the "Delivery Areas" page in resadmin and sysadmin, there should be drop-down that lets you select the number of rows to show and have page numbers. I have over 60,000 Zip-Codes and cities, when I click that page it takes 10 minutes to load because it loads all 60,000 on one page. It also momentarily freezes the front-end of the site for 10 minutes.

How do I configure time correctly so that the time-zone is correct and 12 hour AM/PM time instead of 24 hour.

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has this been corrected yet?  this makes absolute no sense for the query to go by restaurant location instead of delivery areas.

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You can search with location and delivery areas.
is there any problem?