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Facebook App Integration, this would be the Great Option I can think of, that way we can set it up that people can order through Facebook, would be a viral method!

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we added that todo list.
than you very much for your advice.


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Any Idea of a time frame on this request, or if it will be fulfilled?  I have had a request for this.

Thanks in advance for your hard work!

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Facebook app integration is ready now.
You can download new version of phpFood v2.05 from

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My Feature Requests :  

Store users addresses and contact information. Automatically pull the information into the correct fields when they log in. Keep people signed in.

Ability to order from the home page. Choose restaurant. Menu. And click on order to order. All of these will be done with a java pop-up screen.

My favorites. This will list the users top 3 most favorite orders.

Top Restaurants. This will show the restaurants with the largest number of orders.

Top Orders. This will show food items with the highest number of orders.

After the order, email the customer their receipt.

Post your order to facebook/twitter. The post should read: “Person A just ordered Item A and Item B from”

Ability to post/use coupons. Ability to apply discount to certain food items from adminpanel.

A rewards program. Depending on the number of times/amount/items you order you get certain statuses (ex. food guru, beginner tasters etc.)

Discounts, based on the number of times/items/amount you order.

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facebook connect (login) don't work... is a problem for