Topic: Few options

I want to buy the scripts unlimited version. If I want installation help how much is it?

I need and I am not sure if you have now is from admin for every order I want to be able to see or get email of all my restaurants sales using online including total amount of sale generated by restaurants from web. In another word admin should know about all 30 or some restaurant sales each day how much each restaurant sold from online.

I like what I see on demo link and I am not sure if there is any other way to see all the things available. I am going to buy the scripts, but I am just wondering if you have few options or if you are planning to add anytime soon.

1. Facebook like us and display it somewhere on the page.
2. Promotion link for coupon, gift card etc.
3. Restaurant type/Foods types/category selection indication and available by search or easy to find for example for people interested for Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Sea foods.
4. Mobile app cuz now everybody wants to order using smart phone/apple with download option link
5. Join our email list option link
6. Review feeds / news feeds on home page or even review feeds on home page based on customers area he/she is in
7. Catering request/price quite
8. Restaurant address with business hours